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Week long hiatus

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As of right now I have decided to take a hiatus from tumblr and skype. I have been having a hard time mentally the past week or two and need some time away so I will be taking a week off to try and get my head together. I have set up a queue to post a couple times a day while I’m away so the blog will continue to run while I’m gone. I hope the material proves to please all my followers while I’m away. Everyone take care. I will see you all soon. 

As for the one I won’t see soon, gagsgaming I will miss you buddy. I hope the road you travel from here on is smooth and filled with success and happy times. Take care of yourself buddy. You have been a great friend. 


Is Rana just the cutest?

mfw ABTT have Nisekoi girl wars

josh592 whispered: Yo, Crimson, you ever watch Freezing?

josh592 Yep, both seasons. Rana is love, Rana is life. 


Amelia Evans, E- Pandora. Her determination is unmatched.

Been one of those days again

“Even if we forget the faces of our friends we will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls.”
                                            .-Otonashi Yuzuru